6 Ways for Dentists to Boost Workplace Happiness

Happy employees not only mean happy patients, but they can actually significantly improve your bottom line. Yet it can be tough for busy dentists to figure out how best to increase employee morale. Here are 6 easy ways to boost your staff’s workplace happiness.


Dental staffs work very closely with each other, but that doesn’t automatically translate to open communication. Set the tone by making yourself more approachable. Institute an open-door policy. Implement both scheduled and impromptu check-ins with staff members, in which you seek genuine feedback on everything from staff policies to patient care. Encourage your team members to speak up, and they will start to feel more valued.

Break Time

A busy dental office is a successful one, but it is vital to take breaks during the day. While a quick lunch in the back may be a necessary evil now and then, it should never become the norm. Promote an office culture in which everything shuts down for a full lunch hour. Whether your employees choose to go out to eat together or take the time for personal errands or even a nap, they will return refreshed and better able to focus on the job at hand.


A party boosts everyone’s morale, not just the guest of honor’s. Get into the habit of celebrating work anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, and other important milestone events. If you’re not much of a party planner, assign this task to the most social person in the office. Even small things like cupcakes for the entire team and a gift card for the celebrant can make your employees feel special.

Raises and Promotions

Develop a clear, transparent path to raises and promotions. This shows your team that you have nothing to hide, and it holds you as well as them accountable. Today’s workers are far more likely to feel good about your practice, and to stick around long-term, if they see a way to achieve their goals. You can also give small bonuses, such as an extra paid day off, to those who reach certain milestones within the company.

Take It Out of the Office

A dental practice is, by definition, a sterile place. While you can certainly add some life to the office with upgraded seating and artwork, it can still be hard to truly relax in the office. Get to know your employees as people and lower their stress levels by taking the entire staff out now and then. Hold staff meetings in a local coffee shop. Invest in team building by treating everyone to a monthly escape room, mini-golf tournament, or other group event. Get everyone out of the office and having fun.

Partner Up

Reach out to local businesses close to your office and ask about reciprocal employee discounts. Your staff will love feeling like part of the community, and you will get new patients for your practice. You will also build your local reputation, and you will have great new perks to advertise to potential new employees. It truly is a win-win.

Ready to Get Started?

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