dental practice manager

What Does A Dental Practice Manager Do?


Behind every great dental practice is a knowledgeable and efficient staff. One of the most important roles in a dental office is the dental practice manager. What does a dental practice manager do? In general, they oversee the non-clinical functions of a dental practice. This position helps run the practice and ensures everything works smoothly and efficiently. Here are some of the tasks you can expect to do as a dental practice manager.


Finances And Accounting


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Financial management is an essential component of a dental practice manager. Every practice needs to oversee its finances to ensure everything is taken care of. Tasks may include overseeing the budget, monitoring cash flow, running reports and analysis, and more. Since a dental practice needs financial management, this is a vital part of what a dental practice manager does. Accounting tools are also necessary since it’s always a good idea to track expenses and income.




How do people find out about your practice? That’s where marketing comes in. Marketing efforts help draw potential patients to and grow your practice. While some practices have a marketing position on staff, a dental practice manager at least oversees the marketing campaigns and has some involvement. Marketing tasks involve managing and monitoring social media, receiving and interacting with feedback, and analyzing trends, especially when it comes to your competitors. To successfully grow your business, an effective marketing strategy is essential.


Dental Practice Manager Administrative Tasks


Daily administrative tasks are the backbone of any dental practice. A practice manager spends much of their time working on administration and tasks that help the business run effectively. Some examples of administrative tasks can include:


  • Cleaning maintenance
  • Managing inventory and restocking as needed
  • Ensuring a clean and safe workspace
  • Technological troubleshooting
  • Overseeing proper storage of paperwork and documents


If needed, some of these tasks can be delegated to other positions on your team. But generally, the practice manager plays a big role in overseeing the administration and related tasks of your business. 


Staffing and Human Resources


An efficient dental practice relies on a productive and knowledgeable staff. You need to have team members you can depend on every day. Dental practice managers manage hiring, training, and oversight of your employees. The process of hiring and training in itself can be a big job, especially if you have several positions to fill. Finding the right person for the job is an important aspect of running a dental practice, and making sure everyone is on the same page with benefits and paperwork takes time. 


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If you are a dental practice manager or you are looking to hire one, we hope this article has been helpful in demonstrating the value of having this role on your team. Are you interested in learning more about coaching options with Ascent Dental Solutions? Call our office at (413) 224-2659.