Dr. Kevin Coughlin is a practicing dentist and an expert in the
business of dentistry. He works with dentists at every stage of
their careers - from finding their first job right out of school to
implementing best practices and procedures to maximize the
ROI when they eventually sell their business.

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The business of dentistry is changing. How will your dental practice change with it?

Understand all your options before making any business decisions

Dental school offers the skills you need to serve patients while they’re in your dental chair. But rarely does it consider the day-to-day issues of creating, maintaining, and improving a dental practice.

Long gone are the days when a dentist could open a practice and cruise until retirement.

Today with managed dental services shaking up the business of dentistry it’s up to individuals to decide if they should work with, or learn to compete against, this new business model.

Again I want to thank you for all your advice in helping me start my career. I used your help with my interview questions when speaking to dental offices. I found what I believe is the best deal that I have been offered yet! 

  • ZN – Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

The choice you make is going to determine how your career plays out. So it is more important than ever to know the facts. There good arguments on both sides. So what makes sense to a late career dentist is not necessarily going to work for a recent graduate.

A thirty-year veteran of dentistry, Kevin Coughlin, DMD, MBA, MAGD, runs fourteen dental practices, performing all aspects of general dentistry. If you choose to compete against MSOs and DSOs, he can show you how to build a successful practice based on sound business principals and excellent customer service.

Should you decide that an MSO or DSO is the way to go, he will help you prepare your dental practice to maximize the return to you.

Build the profitable practice you want and deserve

If you’re a doctor who is struggling to find the success you deserve…what are you doing wrong?

Dr. Coughlin is a dentist with 30+ years of experience with fourteen offices. His philosophy is simple – Get it right and then replicate over and over again. Cut through the bogus solutions peddled by marketing firms who don’t know what you’re going through and work with a real dentist who’s been where you are and is dedicated to getting your business model right.

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Dr. Coughlin was AWESOME!! By far the best dentist visit we have ever had. He was engaging friendly.

Dr. Coughlin I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me. I met you  at Tufts Dental School and quickly realized that I could learn and have learned so much from you and thank you for making me a better person and better dentist.

Dr. Coughlin just a quick note to say thank you for graciously spending time to answer all my questions and helping me with my practice.

Dr. Coughlin you have been an inspiration to me and instrumental in driving my career. I will remember you for the rest of my life.

Dr. Coughlin I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to come to your office, I learned more than I could of imagined and you enriched my career more than you realized, thanks so much