selling a dental practiceDentistry is a great profession. Someone once said “a great smile can change a life.” By coaching dentists Dr. Kevin Coughlin changes lives by helping dentists work through business challenges and showing them how to build the practice of their dreams.

Dental schools give us the tools and techniques to make this happen. But being a dentist is not only a medical calling, it’s a business.

And far too many of us leave school with little or no business knowledge. This results in a horrible learning curve that can make the first couple of years of you practice a frustrating and expensive waste of your time and money.

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I’ve been there. I’ve made the mistakes and I’ve got the pitiful numbers to back them up. When I started it was tough. There was no internet to help me. But there were also not as many snake oil salesmen trying to separate me from my money either.

Don’t re-invent the wheel. Learn from someone who’s already been where you are, and can show you how to build the practice of your dreams by implementing proven processes and procedures.

With over 30 years experience peering into the mouths of patients, I’ve learned a few things. And I can tell you some of them were very hard lessons.

But I did learn them. And I’ve grown my business to include 14 successful dental practices by finding out what works and replicating it over and over again.

Today I spend a lot of time coaching dentists who are just getting started, struggling to make their practice work or even considering joining a dental practice as an associate on how to make the business of dentistry work for them.

What qualifies me for coaching dentists?

First I still practice dentistry everyday. And I mean everyday – oral surgery, implant surgery, TMJ, orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, fixed and removable prosthesis, Hospital dentistry, IV, oral and inhalation sedation.

Along with the clinical skills I have over 150 employees, 23 dental associates and 14 dental offices. And you think you have problems!

I’ve written 3 books filled with the processes and procedures that worked for me. And they will help you avoid mistakes and create a working environment that is both enjoyable AND profitable. When you sign up for my coaching, I’ll give you copies of all three as part of the package!

My coaching is available in person, over the phone and online through Skype or video conferencing. I even have special rates for small group coaching sessions.

My focus is on your needs. And can include:

  • Practice management
  • Employee engagement
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Business and marketing

If you are willing to invest in yourself today, you can build the practice of your dreams sooner than you ever imagined.