Admin scale in dental


This break out session is for dentists who are looking for an actionable plan for practice success.


In order to establish a successful business you must put in place appropriate business processes and procedures. And in order to establish these successful processes and procedures you must first follow the admin scale. 

The admin scale is an approach to achieving goals that will be familiar to anyone who has gone to business school. What this session does is take the principles of the admin scale and apply them to the business of dentistry.

This scale includes Goals, Purpose, Policies, Plans, Programs, Projects, Orders, Ideal Scenes, Statistics, and Valuable Final Product. Follow each step and achieve your goals. Simple as that.

Dr. Kevin will show you how to make the admin scale a part of your practice, and how you can use it to create a culture of continuous improvement that leads to long term growth and profitability.


About proven methods to start, build and grow a thriving dental practice based on sound business practices.