Congratulations. You’ve graduated from dental school.

So what exactly does that mean? For most new dentists it means a huge student debt and very little business knowledge to manage it.

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As a practicing dentist with over 30 years experience I not only understand the position many new dentists find themselves in, I have the knowledge to get them passed the initial hurdles and on to a very successful career path.

Dental school is very good at providing clinical skills. But once a dentist enters in the real world business skills are even more important than a pair of steady hands.

I work with new dentists to help them work out which career path will provide the best financial returns while helping them balance their work with life outside the office.

In this 6 week coaching program will help you understand the many career options that are open to you, and show you how to avoid wasting time and money on rookie mistakes

Some of the things your will learn.

  • Should you be a corporate dentist, join a group practice or start or buy a solo practice?
  • What should you look for before signing any contracts?
  • How to use publicly available information to find out your the patient base, the types of insurance and types of procedures you should offer.
  • How dental compensation works and what you need to know; are you going to be on collection or production or a guaranteed salary or some combination of the two?
  • The most common mistakes all associates make.
  • Each program is driven by client requirements. So where there is a need for more specialized focus, we can adjust.

Sessions are conducted in-person, via Skype or on the phone.
All coaching clients receive copies of my 4 books.

Six week program 6 x $250

One hour consultation $300