Dentist with patient


This keynote or break out session is for dentists  & dental staff along with DSO and MSO affiliates who want to improve their practice by focusing on care and service. This session is also appropriate for dental owners who are considering joining, competing or simply interested in learning about the biggest change in dental care – Dental service organization (DSO’s and) or Managed Service Organization (MSO)’s. For those already leading or running DSO’s or MSO’s  this program will show you how to  improve your messaging and branding to focus on quality of care and service.


You can chase the quick buck or build a profitable practice by putting patient needs first. The allure of the quick buck is undeniable. A crown is more profitable than a filling. But is it necessary in every instance? Would your client do just as well with the less profitable option? Sometimes. And taking the less profitable option will often lead to referrals – which inevitably lead to  long term sustainability and profitability.  

In this session we’ll help dentists:

  • See the value in a client-focused approach to care
  • Recognize patients as patients not simply profit centers
  • Increase the value of your practice over time 
  • Retain the best staff by demonstrating core values and leadership

Attendees will learn

That not all profits are good for your team or company. Attendees will learn to create the correct processes and procedures to improve their bottom line results based on core values and and commitment to long term profitability.