New Year’s Goals For Your Dental Practice

Have you made New Year’s goals for your dental practice? For most Americans, January 1st presents an opportunity to make goals and resolutions for the year ahead. While this can be a valuable practice for individuals, it is also helpful for organizations and businesses to consider these. If you haven’t done so, think about some of the goals that will help your dental practice thrive this upcoming year and beyond. Read on to learn some goals you can consider for your dental practice.


See What Needs To Change


A big part of your success as your dental practice involves looking at some of the errors and areas of improvement. Review the past year and analyze some aspects of your practice to work on. For example, did you receive some negative feedback from patients? Take them seriously and find a solution. Do your systems need an upgrade? What about how your staff and their workload? You can figure out how to make changes to boost morale, get more patients, and ensure your practice runs smoothly by addressing these questions and others. 


Measure Your Goals For Your Dental Practice


Another aspect to keep in mind for 2023 is the importance of being able to measure your goals. By thinking of goals you can measure, you are more likely to achieve them. You can do this in several ways. The first is to put together a database of measurement tools, which can something as simple as a spreadsheet or more complicated if you wish. If you have a dental practice manager, this is a task they can help you with. 


Check In With Your Team


Your team is an essential part of making your practice thrive. When was the last time you checked in with your employees to learn about their experience working with you? If you still need to review your employee benefits, now is the time. The right benefit plan offerings can go a long way in attracting and keeping top dental talent. With a solid employee team in place, your dental practice can thrive. Also, consider ways to improve employee morale with your current team members.


Upgrade Your Systems and Processes


Is your practice dependent on old, outdated systems? 2023 is the perfect time for technological upgrades. There are many ways to say hello to advanced and sleek options for your practice, whether it’s a new website, payroll, or general dental practice management software. Simple changes to your systems and processes can make your practice thrive more than ever.


Evaluate Your Marketing Efforts


Finally, your practice will only survive if you keep and find new patients. One of your dental practice’s most important New Year’s Goals is evaluating your marketing strategy. Effective marketing means your practice is exposed to your target audience and reaches the people who need your services. Are there ways to tweak the marketing strategy you have yet to try this upcoming year? Have you used social media and other content marketing channels? By reviewing and evaluating the available marketing options, you can reach more patients and grow a thriving dental practice.

Do you want help making New Year’s goals for your dental practice? Dr. Coughlin offers coaching and speaking programs to help you navigate the process. Contact us today to get started.

What Does A Dental Practice Manager Do?


Behind every great dental practice is a knowledgeable and efficient staff. One of the most important roles in a dental office is the dental practice manager. What does a dental practice manager do? In general, they oversee the non-clinical functions of a dental practice. This position helps run the practice and ensures everything works smoothly and efficiently. Here are some of the tasks you can expect to do as a dental practice manager.


Finances And Accounting


Financial management is an essential component of a dental practice manager. Every practice needs to oversee its finances to ensure everything is taken care of. Tasks may include overseeing the budget, monitoring cash flow, running reports and analysis, and more. Since a dental practice needs financial management, this is a vital part of what a dental practice manager does. Accounting tools are also necessary since it’s always a good idea to track expenses and income.




How do people find out about your practice? That’s where marketing comes in. Marketing efforts help draw potential patients to and grow your practice. While some practices have a marketing position on staff, a dental practice manager at least oversees the marketing campaigns and has some involvement. Marketing tasks involve managing and monitoring social media, receiving and interacting with feedback, and analyzing trends, especially when it comes to your competitors. To successfully grow your business, an effective marketing strategy is essential.


Dental Practice Manager Administrative Tasks


Daily administrative tasks are the backbone of any dental practice. A practice manager spends much of their time working on administration and tasks that help the business run effectively. Some examples of administrative tasks can include:


  • Cleaning maintenance
  • Managing inventory and restocking as needed
  • Ensuring a clean and safe workspace
  • Technological troubleshooting
  • Overseeing proper storage of paperwork and documents


If needed, some of these tasks can be delegated to other positions on your team. But generally, the practice manager plays a big role in overseeing the administration and related tasks of your business. 


Staffing and Human Resources


An efficient dental practice relies on a productive and knowledgeable staff. You need to have team members you can depend on every day. Dental practice managers manage hiring, training, and oversight of your employees. The process of hiring and training in itself can be a big job, especially if you have several positions to fill. Finding the right person for the job is an important aspect of running a dental practice, and making sure everyone is on the same page with benefits and paperwork takes time. 


Are you feeling overwhelmed by the prospect? Dr. Coughlin coaches dentists and dental practice managers to run their practice efficiently and productively. We can help you with tools and tips to turn your practice into a thriving business with the support of an experienced dental practice manager and owner.


If you are a dental practice manager or you are looking to hire one, we hope this article has been helpful in demonstrating the value of having this role on your team. Are you interested in learning more about coaching options with Ascent Dental Solutions? Call our office at (413) 224-2659.

What Is A Cloud-Based Dental Practice?

The day-to-day operations of a dental practice rely heavily on software and systems. Whether you own your practice or are part of a larger group, you likely spend a fair amount of time working with practice management software. Traditional practice management relies on servers and networks to keep and maintain documents, client data, and other important records. Cloud-based technology makes it easier to keep records, protect and secure data, and manage the tasks and the overall flow of your dental practice.


Cloud-Based Dental Practice Management Software


Cloud-based dental practices rely on solutions that store data, information, and records in a centralized and secured space on the Internet. Cloud technology solutions mean your dental practice can have access to reporting, calendars, records, and more with the click of a button rather than having to connect to a network beforehand. A cloud-based dental practice also makes it easier to access information remotely and on the go, which is essential these days.

Cloud Management Software vs. Traditional Servers


While dental practice management, understanding the differences between server and cloud options is helpful. Traditional servers utilize networks in a specific location rather than being able to store information remotely. Server-based networks typically have higher upfront costs and maintenance, especially because of the need for IT support and troubleshooting. There are limits in terms of how your business can grow with traditional network infrastructure, which makes cloud-based dental practices in a better position to thrive.

Cloud Management Benefits


After you know the differences between cloud-based and network servers, it’s easy to see some of the benefits that cloud management has to offer. Cloud-based solutions can save your dental practice in terms of cost, which frees up time and resources for the other aspects of your business you need to tend to. Much of the upfront costs associated with network servers are eliminated with cloud dental practice management software. Another benefit of cloud-based dental practices is the added security measures. Cloud practice management provides a reliable source to back up data in case of any losses as well as protection from other external security risks. Your dental practice manages and maintains client confidentiality and patient records. These records can be exposed to breaches without expensive and consistent security measures in place. While cloud management systems still need hardware updates for optimal security, it’s much easier to build and manage without bulky infrastructure and the need for as much server-based IT support.


Should You Choose A Cloud-Based Practice?


Should your dental practice switch from a server-based network to a cloud management system? Here are some of the best cloud dental practice management software options:

  • Denticon/Planet DDS
  • tab32
  • Dentrix Ascend
  • Curve Dental

It can be confusing to know what choice is right for your dental practice, especially when you want to make sure it continues to run smoothly. An established and reliable cloud-based dental practice can help centralize your operations and financial systems to give you back time for other things you need to keep your business thriving.

Ascent Dental Solutions Can Help


Looking for help with choosing a cloud management software system? Dr. Coughlin is knowledgeable and has successfully grown and managed over a dozen dental practices. Email to learn how he can help your dental practice today.

7 Ways to Grow Your Dental Business in 2022

As technology advances and needs change, your dental business adjusts as well. In 2022, there are several factors that go into growing – and maintaining – your practice. In order to build and sustain a successful dental practice, the best approach is to try out several methods to see which ones work well for you. Continue reading to learn about some of the best ways to grow your dental business in 2022.

Friendly Service

When a new client walks through your doors, your staff are likely the first people they meet. There’s a reason they’re called the face of the company! If you emphasize excellent customer service as a value for everyone on your staff, you will reap the benefits later on.

Simple Scheduling Processes

A good business runs on efficient processes, and dental practices are no different. For new and existing clients, a clunky and outdated scheduling process can easily lead to frustration. If you keep your scheduling systems as simple as possible, the more time you have to provide the services that affect your bottom line.

Innovative Technology

Technology has made great strides in every industry over the past several decades. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to incorporate the newest advances in dental technology in your practice. Trade-in your outdated systems for more innovative ones and see how they can help grow your business.

Start A Blog

If you haven’t started a blog yet, you’re missing out on reaching a lot of potential clients. Blogging demonstrates your expertise and knowledge while also providing value to your audience. If a client is impressed by one of your posts, they are more likely to visit your business when they need to see a dentist.

Request Feedback

Do you have a system in place to receive feedback from your clients? If not, this is a valuable tool to have in your toolkit. Send out periodic surveys to understand areas of your business that need improvement. This process will help you discover blindspots and find ways to further meet your clients’ needs.

Offer Incentives for Referrals

A spin on the word-of-mouth strategy, referral incentives are a fun way to bring in more potential clients. Have your current clients refer friends and family to your practice and give them a discount or other benefit in return.

Hire A Dental Coach

If you’ve tried these marketing tips and haven’t seen the growth you need and want, it may be time to hire a dental coach. Dental coaches are experienced dental professionals and can offer a unique form of expertise to help you grow a thriving business. For example, I have over 35 years of experience in the dental industry and my experience allows me to encourage and support you along the way to creating a thriving practice.

I hope these tips help you grow a successful business in the dental industry. And if you’re interested in working with me as a dental coach, contact me today!