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Why You Should Hire A Dental Coach?

Dental school gives you the skills you need, but not always the business know-how to transform your practice, hit your income goals, and serve your patients in a big way. This creates a learning curve, many mistakes, and unnecessary detours on the path to sustainable success. But there is an easier way to navigate life after dental school or grow your current dental practice.

Three Reasons Why You Should Hire A Coach

As mentioned above, not having the right tools and experience when trying to grow your practice can lead to costly mistakes and headaches. But having a coach to lean on gives you support and strategy from someone who has been there, made the mistakes, and found the right pivots to create success.

1.) Working with a coach also helps you reach the next level of growth. Whether you are new to the dental industry, trying to grow your practice, or even sell your practice- coaching can help you reach the finish line faster. Sure, you could Google and use trial and error, but if you want to get results more quickly, coaching is a tool that will get you there.

2.) Dentistry can be a lonely profession and doesn’t always come with the collaboration of colleagues. That’s where coaching comes in. When you work with a knowledgeable coach who can collaborate, understand your industry, and provide an actionable plan, you will reach your goals faster and struggle less.

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3.) Working with a coach can help you streamline and improve your training, management, systems, and marketing to grow your business more sustainably. In addition, having an outside strategist look at your current processes objectively can create far better outcomes for your future.

After over 30 years as a dentist, I now have 14 successful dental practices, and through my experience of knowing what works, what doesn’t, and replicating successful strategies, I can help you do the same.


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