Segregation Studies with Tax Saving Pro Tom Gibson

Dr Kevin Coughlin interviews Tom Gibson, a certified public accountant, to discuss tax planning and cost segregation studies. What are cost segregation studies and how can they save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes? Listen to find out.

Crowns & Fees

“Dr Kevin Coughlin discusses the trends in today’s dental market regarding Crowns and Fees”

Dental Plans & Fees

“Dr Kevin Coughlin discusses the trends in today’s dental market regarding Dental Plans and Fees.”

Orthodontics for the General Practitioner

“Dr Kevin Coughlin discusses Orthodontics for the General Practitioner”

Dental and Implant Technology

Dr Coughlin & his guest DIO Implant’s Jonathan Bubar discuss the latest & greatest of dental and implant technology that DIO is bringing to the forefront.

Competing with Management Service

“How are we competing with management service organizations & dental service organizations? Find out in today’s episode.”

Podcast: Are team meetings valuable?

How do we conduct these meetings? Should we even waste time with these meetings?”

Podcast: Gary Wilson talks The Business of Corporations

Mr. Gary Wilson chats with Dr. Coughlin about the business of corporations – when and where to invest in your practice, passive income, and how to achieve a little bit more financial freedom besides the clinical aspect of dentistry.

Podcast: How to Hire

Dr. Kevin Coughlin believes you can offer an incredibly high level of care and service in a very efficient and effective way if you’re willing to invest in the technology, the training, and the team. This episode explores hiring – when, how, and most importantly why looking for the right team fit is key.

Podcast: The Jiffy Lube Experience

Dr Kevin Coughlin ruminates on the excellent customer service he received at the oddest of places – a Jiffy Lube – and connects the dots on how that kind of customer satisfaction can be applicable to the dentist industry.