4 Trends in the Dental Industry

Trends come and go in the dental industry like any other, but it can be helpful to know popular treatments and products to offer if it makes sense to do so. While trends may not be as fluid in dentistry as others, there are still patterns to follow and take advantage of. By noticing and implementing popular trends, you can attract more potential customers and increase your revenue. Read on to learn about four current trends in the dental industry.


Want your practice to be efficient and up to date? 3D printing offers a way to develop products in-house instead of relying on another company to contract for their services. This also results in greater patient satisfaction because of the decreased wait time and duration of treatment. For example, retainers, crowns, and other models are some products that 3D printers can develop either in the practice or nearby.


One of the leading trends in the industry so far has been the push towards laser dentistry. The process of laser dental technology means less pain for your patients and more efficient service options. Lasers can work on both hard and soft tissue, making them a great choice for almost any treatment, and are particularly effective at killing bacteria around the teeth and gums. There are also fewer complications and better surgical recovery periods. If your practice does not offer laser services, now is a great time to start.


In light of the impact of COVID-19, automated services have become the norm for many dental practices. Automated chat, appointments, and other customer service functions can help speed up processes and free up your time. You don’t have to automate every service, but even choosing just one can make a difference in terms of efficiency and your overall bottom line. Save money and time by implementing some automated services in your practice this year.


Like automated services, teledentistry has become an important and necessary trend to implement in many dental practices. With technological advancements, you can provide high-quality virtual dental care without having your patients physically come to your practice. Whether it’s a consultation or for a specific dental treatment, teledentistry can expand your reach to new potential patients. By offering telehealth services at your dental practices, you provide your patients with several benefits. These include greater flexibility with scheduling, less time away from the office or home, and provide space and availability for emergency situations.

For more information on how to navigate and implement any of these dental trends, contact Dr. Coughlin. You can also explore his coaching programs, books, and seminars for dental practice management. Whether you want to sell your practice or start one, we are here to help you every step of the way.