cloud based dental practice

What Is A Cloud-Based Dental Practice?

The day-to-day operations of a dental practice rely heavily on software and systems. Whether you own your practice or are part of a larger group, you likely spend a fair amount of time working with practice management software. Traditional practice management relies on servers and networks to keep and maintain documents, client data, and other important records. Cloud-based technology makes it easier to keep records, protect and secure data, and manage the tasks and the overall flow of your dental practice.


Cloud-Based Dental Practice Management Software


Cloud-based dental practices rely on solutions that store data, information, and records in a centralized and secured space on the Internet. Cloud technology solutions mean your dental practice can have access to reporting, calendars, records, and more with the click of a button rather than having to connect to a network beforehand. A cloud-based dental practice also makes it easier to access information remotely and on the go, which is essential these days.

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Cloud Management Software vs. Traditional Servers


While dental practice management, understanding the differences between server and cloud options is helpful. Traditional servers utilize networks in a specific location rather than being able to store information remotely. Server-based networks typically have higher upfront costs and maintenance, especially because of the need for IT support and troubleshooting. There are limits in terms of how your business can grow with traditional network infrastructure, which makes cloud-based dental practices in a better position to thrive.

Cloud Management Benefits


After you know the differences between cloud-based and network servers, it’s easy to see some of the benefits that cloud management has to offer. Cloud-based solutions can save your dental practice in terms of cost, which frees up time and resources for the other aspects of your business you need to tend to. Much of the upfront costs associated with network servers are eliminated with cloud dental practice management software. Another benefit of cloud-based dental practices is the added security measures. Cloud practice management provides a reliable source to back up data in case of any losses as well as protection from other external security risks. Your dental practice manages and maintains client confidentiality and patient records. These records can be exposed to breaches without expensive and consistent security measures in place. While cloud management systems still need hardware updates for optimal security, it’s much easier to build and manage without bulky infrastructure and the need for as much server-based IT support.


Should You Choose A Cloud-Based Practice?


Should your dental practice switch from a server-based network to a cloud management system? Here are some of the best cloud dental practice management software options:

  • Denticon/Planet DDS
  • tab32
  • Dentrix Ascend
  • Curve Dental

It can be confusing to know what choice is right for your dental practice, especially when you want to make sure it continues to run smoothly. An established and reliable cloud-based dental practice can help centralize your operations and financial systems to give you back time for other things you need to keep your business thriving.

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