benefits for dental employees

3 Benefits For Dental Employees

Every good employer offers benefits to their employees. Dental practices are no different. In order to attract top-notch employees, a great benefits package can go a long way. However, you also want to ensure you keep up with or match your competitors’ benefits.  Otherwise, you risk losing employees to other practices. Read on to learn about the importance of benefits for dental employees.


Why Benefits Matter for Dental Employees


You can offer your employees benefits as perks of working at your dental practice. For your employees, a benefits package should be both attractive and practical. Employees want to feel appreciated and have the freedom and flexibility to have some form of work-life balance in their lives, especially in a post-Covid world. For some employees, benefits can make or break their decision to join or stay with your practice or go elsewhere. 

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How Does It Benefit Your Dental Practice?


A good benefits package helps you attract and keep top talent. This benefits your practice. It means you can be competitive with who you draw into your practice, which can boost your organization’s reputation. Top-notch staff can expand your business if they bring their existing clients to your practice. Regarding morale, your employees may often feel that your benefits package reflects how you feel about them. An engaged staff boosts productivity and saves you money in the long run.


Benefits For Dental Employees


You can offer various benefits, and adjust them to reflect your business. The basic benefits to include are health-related, vacation time, and retirement planning. You may also want to incorporate dental service discounts and related benefits for your employees.



Health-Related Benefits


Arguably the most important benefit you can offer your dental employees is health insurance. In Massachusetts, for example, health insurance coverage is mandatory. Your employees need health-related coverage, so this should be a priority benefit you should offer. Shop around and find a plan that works for your budget and for them as well. If possible, look for competitive premium rates and low deductive plans to save you money and keep your workforce healthy.

Personal Leave and PTO


Unsurprisingly, your employees will want to work for a practice that offers competitive vacation benefits. You can incorporate different formats to achieve this goal, including flexible schedules, paid time off policy, and unpaid vacation for emergencies. Vacation time is important for every employee and may especially be valuable to those with young families and other needs.


Retirement Planning Benefits for Dental Employees


Finally, retirement planning options are an important benefit for dental employees. Although many employees are in the workforce longer than previous generations, equipping your workforce with a means to financially plan for retirement is to your advantage. Implement a retirement contribution benefit package and see the positive difference it makes to employee morale and your practice as a whole.



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