how to hire a team for your dental practice

How To Hire A Team For Your Dental Practice

Maintaining a dental practice takes a lot of work, maintenance, and strategy to keep things running efficiently. Yet, while dental school prepares you for the patients in your chair, it doesn’t always touch on the behind-the-scenes aspects of running a dental practice, including how to hire a team for your dental practice. 


You can easily navigate a cavity, but what about sales, marketing, hiring a team, and scaling your business? While the fear of the unknown can often hold us back, there’s no reason to prolong the process if you have the right information on your side. I understand this struggle and wanted to create a go-to guide to help new dentists develop storing systems and procedures from the very beginning of growing their practice, so they can continue to grow in a sustainable way. 


Do you want to get your dental career started on the right path? Are you looking to put in place the practices and procedures to make your existing dental business more profitable? Send Dr. Coughlin a quick email today!

Running A Dental Practice 


In my book, Just Enough To Be Great In Your Dental Profession: Processes And Procedures For Success, I guide you through the hiring process while also sharing efficient ways to ensure they have the right training and education. 

This book was created for the new dentist, ready to grow a team and learn the insider tips I have used to grow and maintain my 14 dental practices. I have created a refined process and system that will bring ease and expertise to your hiring process with my own system I have developed over the last 30 years of running a dental practice.

In this book, we cover everything from the smallest details like managing phone calls to the process of follow-up care and dental records and how to develop your own processes and procedures to keep things running smoothly. 

If you need more 1:1 support beyond my book, I also offer coaching services for new dentists to ensure they have the tools they need for success. I can walk you through this process 1:1, or I also offer group coaching for anyone who needs it. 

Whether you want to dive into a book or go all-in for coaching, I am dedicated to your success and can’t wait to take my knowledge to help you grow a successful team, streamlined processes, and ultimate success.