dental coach

What Is a Dental Coach?

A dental coach is typically someone who has worked many years in the dental industry, both as a dentist and as a practice owner. These coaches will then take that experience and train and mentor other dentists to grow, scale, and sustain their own practices. Dental coaches understand that much more goes into starting and growing a successful dental practice. 

There are marketing, hiring practices, patient experience, systems, and employee engagement to consider beyond the financial side of things. In addition, each dental coach has their own areas of expertise, years of experience, and education, so it’s important to find a dental coach who is the right fit for you. 


Why Should I Hire a Dental Coach?


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There are several reasons to hire a dental coach, depending on where you are in your journey. You might be a new dentist, fresh out of dental school, looking to develop a resume, make professional connections, and perhaps looking for your first job. You might also be further in your career, established as a dentist, or looking to start your first practice. Sometimes a dentist who currently owns a practice might hire a dental coach to help them scale and grow their business or even sell it. 

Reasons to Hire a Dental Coach 


  • You are a new dentist just starting your career
  • You are an established dentist ready to open your own practice 
  • You have a dental practice and want to scale your business
  • You own a dental practice and want to sell 
  • You want to establish more sustainable systems in your practice
  • You want to create a stronger team that is more engaged. 
  • You want to develop stronger marketing strategies.


While there can be other reasons to hire a dental coach, these tend to be the most common reasons why a coach can be beneficial. 

How Can a Dental Coach Help Me?


As mentioned above, a coach can help you grow your career, scale your practice, or even start a new practice. As a dental coach, I personally aim to help develop a custom coaching program for each client so they can get the most from our time together. We can cover goals, accountability, strategy, and implementation. 

My main focus is based on your needs, but I also include several topics, including: 

  • Practice management
  • Employee engagement
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Business and marketing

How Do I Hire a Dental Coach?


If you are ready to hire a coach, do some research to find someone you connect with. Take the time to look at their background, experience, and results. This will help you feel confident with your coach and help create a better experience for you. 

I hope this offers some clarity on the benefits to hiring a dental coach and the ways coaching can help you grow, scale, and improve your practice and career. 

If you would like to work together, and learn more about my own coaching services, here is more information about my process and I would be happy to answer any questions you have or get you scheduled for a call. You can contact me here to learn more.