How to Build Links on Your Dental Practice Website

If you have even a basic understanding of SEO (search engine optimization), you are probably aware of the importance of inbound links from credible, authoritative websites. What might be less clear, though, is how to obtain those links. Here are a few suggestions for building links on your dental practice website.

Create Shareable Content

You will never get links if there is nothing to link to. Your first step is to develop unique, interesting, shareable content. Talk about new techniques. Discuss the steps for common procedures such as fillings and root canals. Compare and contrast different treatments for the same issue, such as braces vs. aligners or veneers vs. dental bonding. Help people solve common problems by giving information about toothaches, options to replace a missing tooth, and how to properly brush and floss. Make sure you follow best practices for including an image and targeting relevant keyword phrases.

Tap Your Network

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Do you refer patients to certain specialists, such as an oral surgeon or an orthodontist? Ask those professionals if they would be interested in trading links. Also contact your dental supply and equipment companies with the same question. Everyone in your network is (or should be) working on their own website SEO, so trading links is a win-win.

Conduct Backlink Analysis

Find out where your competitors are getting their links, and then reach out to the same or similar websites to request links. If you provide strong, fresh, regularly updated content on your website, trading links with you can be valuable to other companies as well.

Join Directories and Third Party Review Sites

List your website with your Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, and other local sites. Also search for professional dental organizations and directories that accept free listings. Be careful about paying for directory listings, as many do not drive enough traffic to be worth the cost.

Also establish a presence on popular third party review sites such as Yelp. Ask your patients to write quick reviews on your chosen sites, and be sure to respond quickly to all reviews, comments, and questions.

Guest Blog

Guest blogging for high-traffic websites is an excellent way to quickly generate links while simultaneously introducing your brand to a wider audience. Make sure you choose websites where you will add real value, such as dental sites. You can also angle your writing to sites that don’t seem relevant at first glance. For example, dentistry and sports have little in common, unless you write an article on common sports injuries to the teeth and oral structures. Make sure to build a link to your website into your article unless your chosen site has a different protocol.

Create Press Releases

A press release typically contains a link to your website, plus press releases are often picked up by local, regional, and even national news outlets, all of which are potential sources for additional links. Whether you are offering a limited-time promotion or just acquired a new piece of technology, there is always something newsworthy going on.

Ready to Get Started?

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