Podcast: The Administrative Scale

In this episode Dr. Coughlin discusses The Administrative Scale: goals, purposes, policies, plans, programs, projects, orders, ideal scenes and statistics.

Hello and welcome to Ascent Dental Radio. A program dedicated to the balance between the clinical aspect of health care and the business of health care. And now here is your host, Dr. Kevin Coughlin.

kevin-transparentWelcome. My name is Dr. Kevin Coughlin, creator and owner of Ascent Dental Solutions, with a focus on developing your team, product and service, education, knowledge, training and the creation of the appropriate processes and procedures to make your product, service or organization better.

I hope you enjoy the following podcast, which I’ll refer to as the Administrative Scale. This is basically a scale or a system for success. It is made up of goals, purposes, policies, plans, programs, projects, orders, ideal scenes, statistics.

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All of these processes and procedures are to create a valuable final product, whether this is a product, a service, but ultimately the goal is to improve your organization and help your team members for success. The final valuable product can be either good services, but the ultimate goal is a total package or end result that provides value.

My expertise in health care is simple patient satisfaction, which is based on a high quality and a valuable final product, which in all cases simply means your patient or customer has found value in your care, service, product or some combination.

The final product has a series of sub-products that can either make or break you for success. Whether it’d be a patient or a customer, value is simply something that is worth something to someone and exchange is the process of offering something valuable in return for some other valuable product or service. Sales and delivery, always deliver what you promise. And finally agreements, always honor what you’ve agreed upon.

To emphasize this, focus on value, exchange, sales and delivery and agreements. In most cases, there are four basic conditions of any exchange. There is a criminal exchange, a partial exchange, a fair exchange, and the ultimate best is an exchange in abundance, which is almost unknown in today’s society but is the key to success and expansion not just in your business, but in your life. There are similar scales for various conditions and these conditions have power, power change, affluence, normal, emergency, danger and non-existence.

In non-existence, this is an area that doesn’t produce any valuable final product. The group, the organization, the product, the service is not producing, it is non-existent and it means your business has failed.

Prior to this you go through a stage of danger. Danger simply means the end is near and immediate action is needed. Things must be handled now and immediately. Statistics show a continually steady decline in product, service and ultimately the decline in your organization. Statistics will plunge down very steeply. Senior executives or so called leaders find themselves doing the job of another activity because the areas are in trouble.

Following danger is emergency. You know the production and the collection is not what it should be. Stats are unchanging and the trend is going downhill. If no action is taken, things will fall apart. Always remember that nothing stays the same. They are either expanding or contracting.

Normal conditions, things aren’t neither stellar nor poor. They’re fairly normal or static. And keep in mind that this condition is rare. In most cases, a business is either expanding or contracting. And normal conditions are, in my opinion, a thing of the past.

We then move through affluence. This is a steep increase in statistics, whether it be the number of new patients, increase in valuable final products, an increase in revenue, things seem to be going very good. This is important. You and yourself, and your organization should strive to maintain affluence and push above and beyond this particular condition.

The next is a power condition. This is even better than affluence. The statistics have gone into a very high range. There is such an abundance of production that the momentary halts and/or dips cannot pull it down. Your business and organization is flowing quickly and successfully.

The next condition is power change. There are only two conditions for a change when you are so successful. One change is it’s time to turn over to someone else, or you’re so very successful that you’ve decided it is time to sell or retire.

The next condition is formulas. The emergency formula is to create a better product, a final product that offers value. You must constantly, when you evaluate your business, promote it, continue to produce, look to change your operating basis, economize, deliver and stiffen discipline.

If you follow these rules of engagement, your business will always stay in a state of affluence or better than affluence. And that is the goal, not only in life, but in business.

If you’ve enjoyed this podcast and you are interested in more information, please go to my website www.ascent-dental-solutions.com or email me at info@ascent-dental-solutions.com. Thanks, I hope you enjoyed the following podcast and I look forward to speak with you in the future. My name is Dr. Kevin Coughlin.