Podcast: Motivation

After 35 years, I’d like to share with how I keep my employees motivated.

It’s a combination of things that will work based on your team members’ personalities. I think it’s critical as “the leader” of your team that you lead by example. If you come in with an angry demeanor, if you come in upset and aggravated, you’re not leading by example, you’re leading by failure. Somehow, you have to get up every single day, put your best foot forward, and provide the best example you can to your team.

I also think it’s critical that you offer your team members the opportunity for advancement – make the training and the time available to discuss with them their personal wants and needs. You have to physically make time in your schedule to meet one-on-one with your team members. I suggest you do not delegate to the management team. I suggest you take the time to meet with your individuals one-on-one.

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