Podcast: When is Enough…Enough?

The entire Dental profession realizes approximately 5,000 dentists will be graduating in the next few weeks and entering into the market force. Most of these young men and women will have very little clinical experience, but some wonderful educational background. The vast majority of these individuals will be bypassing specialty programs, bypassing residency programs, and going directly into the dental market or job and career areas. The question is: When is enough is enough?

Today the incredible debt of private education and the downward forces from insurance companies and DSO’s and MSO’s make it extremely difficult for these individuals to make it in the real market place. I would strongly recommend negotiating your best contract but be realistic in what you ask for.

My personal opinion is in those first 12 to 24 months focus on education training, development of process and procedures, and make sure you have a mentor in the practice that can work you through the difficulties that all of us, as dentists, deal with when we first start our career.

Do you want to get your dental career started on the right path? Are you looking to put in place the practices and procedures to make your existing dental business more profitable? Send Dr. Coughlin a quick email today!
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