You’ve built a business. It’s successful. But it’s stressful.

Expanding your dental practice is a dream. But you don’t know how to get there.

A thirty-year veteran of dentistry, Kevin Coughlin, DMD, MBA, MAGD, runs fourteen dental practices, performing all aspects of general dentistry. He made this happen by using sound business principals that he was able to replicate again and again. Now he wants to show you how to do the same

Let Dr. Coughlin guide you through the otherwise torturous process of expanding your business in preparation for it’s eventual sale.

Do you want to get your dental career started on the right path? Are you looking to put in place the practices and procedures to make your existing dental business more profitable? Send Dr. Coughlin a quick email today!

From day-to-day office management to cosmetic dentistry and other specializations you can add to your growing practice, Dr. Coughlin offers it all — a complete guide for business, the dental chair, and personal life.

You could grow your practice through trial and error.


So learn to love your dental business and make more money in the process.