Hiring employees is never easy. When you finally find someone you like, you might breathe a huge sigh of relief. Try to hold off on celebrating, though, as you still have some work to do. To set up a productive and long-lasting working relationship, following an onboarding plan is essential. Here are some tips for successfully onboarding new dental employees.

Make a Written Offer

Job offers should always be given in writing. It is mandatory in some states, and a very good idea no matter where your practice is located. Provide a written summary of wages, schedules, benefits, and other important details. This ensures that there are no misunderstandings down the road. If the offer is contingent upon anything, such as a background check, be sure to note this in your letter. Also provide a detailed onboarding plan, including the start date and time, and exact location.

Reach Out

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Reach out regularly between the time your new associate accepts the offer and his start date. Share new initiatives or important updates, invite the new hire to any upcoming social events that are scheduled for your staff, and convey your excitement about her joining the team. Also consider sending a welcome packet of branded items or role-specific tools.

With your new hire’s permission, also reach out to the rest of your team, along with your close colleagues and vendors, to announce his employment and provide his contact details. Encourage others in the practice to send welcome messages by email or text.

Prepare the Team

Ensure that your entire staff is clear on the new hire’s onboarding and training schedule, and understands what roles they will play in showing her the ropes. Assign a mentor to provide primary support, and ask that person to reach out and introduce herself to the new hire ahead of the start date.

Have HR send new hire paperwork by mail or email. Notify payroll of any signing or relocation bonuses that are due on the start date.

Ask everyone in the office to sign a welcome card to place on the new employee’s desk, and schedule a welcome party for the first day or the end of the first week. Assign someone to set up the new hire’s desk with business cards, supplies, and all necessary logins or pass codes.

Make a Relocating Team Member Feel Welcome

If your new hire is relocating for the position, go out of your way to help him feel like part of the community. You or the designated mentor should provide information on schools, religious institutions, sports activities, restaurants, entertainment venues, and other important locales for family life. Also consider sending a gift to the new hire’s family, and consider taking the entire family or just the new employee and his significant other out to dinner.

Create an Excellent First Day

Go the extra mile to make your new employee feel welcome. Follow a New Hire Checklist to ensure that all of your responsibilities are covered. Schedule time for essential training, and for the employee to review and sign all necessary HR documents. Introduce the employee to everyone in the office, and be ready to assist the designated mentor as needed. Give your new hire time and space to settle in, but check in with her now and then throughout the day.

Hiring a new employee is only the beginning. To ensure that your working relationship gets off to the best possible start, develop and follow an onboarding plan that makes your new hire feel like a valued member of the team.

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